Verdonia: Be the Most Powerful or Influential Kingdom

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In Verdonia, you are the ruler of your own burgeoning Kingdom. Construct buildings in the fields to collect resources. Construct buildings in the town for technology, attack and defense. Ally with other players in your attempts to win fame and fortune! Do you have what it takes to be the most powerful or influential Kingdom?

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Collecting Resources
If you want to survive in Verdonia, you need resources to fuel your Kingdom. All resources, other than gold, are collected in the Fields tab of a city. Here, you can build Mines, Quarries, Farms and Logging Camps to collect the four main resources: Iron, Stone, Food and Wood. Make sure you keep a steady flow of these resources or else you'll be left high and dry later in the game!

Increasing Population
The backbone of your Kingdom is one thing: the people. By building Cottages in the Town section of the City tab, you can increase the maximum population you can have in your Kingdom. People will slowly flock to your Kingdom as long as there is room to keep them.

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Town Center
The Town Center is the key to every City. The higher the level, the more territories you can control and the more higher technology you can research. Keep this upgrading or you may find yourself outgunned by your opponents!

Gathering Your Forces
No Kingdom is safe without an army to guard its boarders, and Verdonia is no different. From the Barracks, built within the Town tab, you can build up an army to garrison your Kingdom. The higher the level of the Barracks, the more powerful the soldiers you can train. Pay attention, though, as some soldiers require other buildings or technology to be trained and they all require food to be sustained.

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The Quest Book
An easy way to see the natural progression of your Kingdom, especially in the early game, the Quest Book grants bonuses for completing certain landmarks. Try to complete them all to be granted bonus resources or other powerful bonuses.

What Kingdom would be complete without heroes to champion its cause? From the Tavern, available in the Town, you can hire heroes. They are an integral part to the maintenance of your Kingdom and its expansion. Armies must be led by them and no City will run as well without a hero to manage it.

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You came, you saw, but will you conquer?
Now that you know the basics, start expanding your Kingdom and becoming a force to be reckoned! For a more detailed account of Verdonia, visit the How to Play tab.

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