War Commander Guide: Attacking

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War Commander

Here below will guide you how to attack in War Commander. Using this detailed guide all the defense may be cleared. so don't miss it. Let's check out.

Taking Down a Gun Turret

  • Use tanks(rhino,paladin,challenger and mega tank).
  • Razorback are useful if the gun turret has a shorter range then it.
  • If you still not unlocked any tanks,you may use rocket launcher,flame thrower and suicide bomber,but first send any units and aim the gun turret,then send them in different side.

Gun Turret Upgrade Progression

War Commander Gun Gurret Upgrade Progression

Notes: Jackrabbit, rocket buggy and humvees are not recommended because they give less amount of damage on buildings and can easily destroyed by gun turret..

Taking Down a Mortar Tower

Mortar tower can be easily destroyed in 3 ways:

  • Units that have a high speed(rocket buggy); rocket buggy can dodge the mortars.
  • Aircraft mortar tower cant shoot air units.
  • TMT(tanks with medics and techs) tanks for destroyed the mortar tower,techs for repairing them and medics for healing the in 2 or more medics so they can healing each other).

Mortar Tower Upgrade Progression

War Commander Mortar Tower Upgrade Progression

Notes: The tanks must be in front and followed by the techs and medics(if there are anti infantries in that base).

Taking Down a Bunker

  • Tanks are good for taking down a bunker.

Watch Out Landmines!

  • Landmines can damaged all units in a small range but shaped charge gives a high damage.
  • Send 1(the more the better)unit in front and followed by other units behind.


  • As in the tutorial you can see a tank in front and some infantries the same thing.

Ground Units(Except Humvees)

  • Send in some air units because they cant hit them.
  • If they are protected by gun turret,first send in some infantries or ground units and run away.while they chasing your units,send some air units to defeat them.

Notes: Do not send infantries to defeat tanks,except flame thrower and rocket launcher.

Ground Units(Humvees)

  • Tanks,rocket buggy,rocket launcher,flame thrower and suicide bomber are useful!

Taking Down Mortar Tower and Gun Turret That Placed Together

  • Be careful!if gun turret placed together with mortar tower,do not use razorback.the mortar tower has a longer range than the razorback though it is lvl 8(max).
  • You can bait them with some units then send in tanks(for gun turret) or aircrafts(for mortar tower).
  • You can also use TMT(tanks with medics and techs)(read number 2.(c)).

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