War Commander Guide for Beginners

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War Commander

War Commander is a Facebook strategy war game. Build your base and train individual units. Attack NPC bases or other Facebook players. Become the ultimate commander.

Game Basics

War Commander comes to Facebook from the same developers that brought Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates to the social media giant. The game features base building, resource collection, the use of technology, and building military units. You can build these units and control them in battle against NPC bases or other Facebook players.

War Commander Base

Your bases has defences such as turrets to help you repel invaders. As you play and gain resources you'll unlock powerful infantry units, mechanized, and airpower too. More content should appear in the game at a later time. Let's have a look at this promising war game.

Resource Collection At Your Base

Like many Facebook strategy games this one relies on the heavy use of resources for base building and unit constructions. You have three types of resources in the game oil, metal, and power. You'll use oil and metal to build units and construct your new base while power is needed to keep everything running.

If you are low on power you can click the power plant and put it into overdrive but it will explode in a few hours, so use this with caution because you'll need to use valuable resources to build another power plant. Upgrade your resource buildings to increase output and be sure to have both oil and metal storage facilites to hold excess resources you're not currently using.

Infantry Units

Use your barracks to build infantry units and have a academy to unlock and upgrade new ones. As you build units they'll appear outside the barracks but you can also click and set a waypoint where you want them to go. You can click individual units and move them to whatever part of your base that you want them at. At the academy each unit has upgrade possibilites so click the unit you want and as long as you have the resources you can upgrade it. Do this as much as possible when you have free resources lying around. You'll improve speed, range, health, and damge of the unit.

War Commander Infantry Units

Mechanized Units

The game also features mechanized units such as tanks and buggies. Build a war factory to begin to build them and a tech center to unlock new vehicles and improve existing ones. Larger mechanized units can also run over troops so have these at the front of your army to run over larger groups of troops when you go on the attack. With a level three commander center you can build aircraft too once you have ther airfield built. Mechanized units require more resources to build so keep your resource production up so you can meet the higher demands of these units.

Base Defence

You have several options for base defence against attacks. The first is you can deploy your troops where you want them in your base. The second is you have turrets to setup such as the mortar tower and gun turret. Upgrade these structures to make them more powerful and put sandbag walls around key structures such as resource buildings to give them more protection. As you build watch your power levels and be sure to upgrade your power plants too not just your defences. Your turrets will have little output if they don't have enough power and your whole base will be vulnerable to attack.

Game Combat

The best part about the game is the combat system. Loccate the map button to the lower right and slect either the NPC factions or other players to attack. Click scout/attack to see their base and what you'll be going against. Make note of the base setup and any turrets and troops that are there. Try to eliminate troops and turrets first before attacking buildings.

Armored units will make short work of structures while troops take a longer time. Once the base is destoyed you'll get resource loot to take back to your base. Start with NPCs until you can get a good feel for the game before deciding to attack other players unless you have played games like this before and already know what to expect from your opponents.

The Go-Go Bar

Build this bar to bring enemy factions to yoiur base. This is a great way to test youre units and defences against different enemy armies. You'll need to have a command centet at level three before you can build this unique structure.

Command Your Army

War Commander looks like it will be a great game. There's not much content yet but this should change in the future. The units are a bit small but you can go full screen in the game too. Be sure to do the quests to get extra resources and attack NPCs for some great practice.

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