War Commander Guide: Killer Defense Tactics

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War Commander

Defend your base against enemy advances in War Commander you can do like these: Upgrade Weapons, Build Walls, Unlock Infantry, Produce Vehicles

Upgrade Weapons


Gun and Mortar Towers can be built anywhere on your base and will shoot down advancing enemies. Upgrade these towers of terror for the best defense.

Gun Tower: Fires 50 caliber rounds that rip through people and light vehicles.

Mortar tower: Fires short-range missiles that explode on impact. Great for tight groups of units or vehicles.

Tip: Want to know how far your eeapons will fire? check out the red circle when you build weapons to see how far your firepower will reach.

Build Walls

Build Walls

Use Wall Blocks to create barriers around essential buildings and to protect from incoming fire. Wall Blocks can be upgraded from sand bags to scrap metal to stell blocks.

Tip: You hace a limited number of Wall Blocks. But you get more when you level up!

unlock infantry

Unlock Infantry units in the Academy and then produce them in the Barracks to turn your army into a well-rouded killing machine.

Unlock Infantry

Tip: Each member of your infantry had a different skill, so diversify your troops.

Produce Vehicles

Vehicles are used to in land and air strikes against enemy based. Unlock vehicles in the Tech Center and produce them in the War Factory and Airfield. Vihicles vary in how much damage they do and how fast they go.

Produce Vehicles

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