War Commander Guide: Mortar Baiting [Video]

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Mortar Baiting is a tactic that can reduce your losses in battle significantly in War Commander. And due to the fact many people have problems using mortar baiting, here below make a guide after Chris asked for it.

Below a video which show the basics of mortar baiting.

In addition to destroying a lone Mortar tower with Mortar baiting, you can also destroy a Gun Turret that is protected by a Mortar tower using Mortar Bating. This last thing is more common. A video about this:

More vids of Mortar Baiting

Examples of Mortar Baiting with different units:

Mortar Baiting on a real base:

Mortar baiting 2 Mortars towers at once:

Some setups that can be mortar baited rather easily

  • The Blue arrow shows the direction I would bring in my tanks from.
  • The Red arrow shows the direction I would bring in my bait from, in order to simultaneously bait all mortars that need to be baited.
  • The Red area shows the area I would mortar bait in.
  • If there are multiple arrows and areas, that shows multiple options on how to mortar bait the setup.

Step 1

War Commander Mortar Baiting Guide

Step 2

War Commander Mortar Baiting Guide

Step 3

War Commander Mortar Baiting Guide

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