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War Commander

Here below will show you some useful defending tips & cheats in War Commander, which will help you play the game more better. Maybe they are no best defence, but at least you can make it least damage, so don't miss it, let's check out ...

1. Walls prevent First Blood

War Commander Walls prevent First Blood

  • Put walls at corner and place them in the right distance, making land units to deploy farther.

2. Power Plants as the most important buildings

War Commander Power Plants as the most important buildings

  • As in the field manual, power plants are important to defend your base. Without power plants, towers operate at 25%. So I put them in the centre.

3. Prevent farmers - protect the storages

War Commander Prevent farmers - protect the storages

  • Put them next to power plants. It is more important to protect your storages than resources gatherer if you always launch attacks. Gatherers produce really less resources . Four Lv10 can only produce 1 M in 12hrs

4. Unite the defending towers

War Commander Unite the defending towers

  • Put them close to have the most concentrated fire power. When one tower is under attack, at least 2 can do a backup or kill the enemies. And also, place them in different types (mortars & turrets)

5. Hide behind

War Commander Hide behind

  • The lv4++ cc can make you hide something behind it - towers or land units. For units, let them stand ground. So you can put hercs or humvees to defend air strikes, razor backs as ground unit defends.

6. Protect upgrading/ researching buildings

  • Every upgrades/researches will be paused once damaged or destroyed. So, put them near to towers.

7. Suprise

War Commander Suprise

  • - Suicide bombers can bomb up tanks in a second. Even megatanks are scared of them, 2 SB are able to crash down one mega tank.
  • - So Hide them in trees and ruined-buildings (sometimes they go out from trees, i choose to put behind buildings) , let them be aggresive.

8. Land Mines - good for men and cars

War Commander Land Mines - good for men and cars

  • Upgrade everything to the highest lv possible. It takes not much resources but time. Shaped-charge does about 1000 damage - good for most men and light tanks. Really, less resources but more time.

9. Lv5 towers

War Commander Lv5 towers

  • Upgrading towers take more resources and less time. So let all of them be lv5 in 3days or less.
  • Upgrading to lv5 needs only 1 hr. Make them at least lv5!

10. Standground near towers

War Commander Standground near towers

  • Put longrange units - razorbacks - near to the towers. They can help a little.

11. Learn from some beeches that attacked you before.

  • Sometimes that is a nice lesson for you.

12. Combos!

a. Doctors + Hercs

  • - Note that medics should be hiding behing Hercs. You can predict where air strikes come from, right?
  • - I prefer them to stand ground.

b. Techs + Tanks

  • - Very Common combination, but make sure the tanks are not in a tight bunch, separate them to avoid explosive bullets.
  • - I dont recommend you to put them stand ground, because they need to run if the birds are shooting them. They dont have long range, and they have to reach enemies. However, dont let all of them be aggresive. This can prevent units baiting.

c. 2 Turrets + 2 Mortars

  • - Place the 4 towers close. This is a good combination to prevent bunches of air strikes or Heavy tanks.

Example 1

War Commander Combos

Example 2

War Commander Combos


War Commander REALLY HEAVY

  • - Upgrade tech centre as fast as possible to have mega tanks. They almost can replace mortars, they're having the accurate aims with really big bullets. Even lv9 mortars are unable to kill them.

14. Walls are useful in someways.

War Commander Walls

Make your favourite word, or something u want to say to ur hostile

  • - If some player are going to destroy this word, they are totally f up with the mines. Unless they use copters/cobras. (i think this may happen, but i dont recommend you to do so)

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