War Commander Tips: Attack Strategy

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War Commander


What do you need to do attack?

First you will need to research Units in the Academy and then train them in the Barracks. You will also need a War Room to effectively search for enemy bases.

How do you know what base to attack?

Keep your eyes open for assembled enemy forces. Know what your troops can handle and respond accordingly.

How do you plan a successful attack?

The key to a good attack is a complete survey of the potential victim's Base. Do recon and check the placement and range estimates of their Turrets. Remember each Unit possesses its own skillset. Take adventage.


How do Attack?

Click on War Room to select a base to attack. Find a enemy target on your map where the attack buttion is enabled. Once you see their base. press the "+" until you reach the muber of unts you want to send into battle. Find a place away from buildings and drop units into your enemy's base when the circle is white.

How long does an attack last?

You have five minutes to do your worst. After five minutes, you will no longer be able to deploy units, though units will continue to fight for and additional tow minutes.

Why Attack?

Attacking is your opportunity to collect resources critical to the survival of you and your army. Plus, you get to show enemy forces who's boss!

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