War Commander Tips: Units

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War Commander

Military Units

War Commander features several infantry types you can build. Be sure to upgrade your buildings to unlock each type. You'll need the barracks and the academy to build infantry units.

  • Riflemen - Basic infantry unit in the game.
  • Heavy Gunner - These dispatch infantry and light vehicles quickly.
  • Rocket Launcher - Great for taking targets out at a distance including structures.
  • Flame-thrower - Great against infantry.
  • Suicide Bomber - Takes out anything near the unit but dies in the process.
  • Medic - Heals infantry units.
  • Tech - Heals damages vehicles.
  • Hercules - Armored infantry units.

Mechanized Units

In the game you have several mechanized units to build along with infantry.

  • Jackrabbit - Basic vehicle with a gun.
  • Rocket Buggy - Shoots rockets.
  • Humvee - Uses a powerful gun to kill infantry.
  • Rhino - Light tank.
  • Razorback - TOW missile launcher vehicle.
  • Paladin - Medium tank.
  • Challenger - Heavy slow tank.
  • Mega Tank - Heaviest and most powerful ground unit in the game.


Once you build the airfield you'll gain access to the various aircraft in the game.

  • Wing Drone - Fires rockets.
  • Copter Drones - Uses machine guns from a distance.
  • Cobra - Lightly armored with twin machine guns.
  • Thunderbolt - Fast attack planes.
  • Raptor - Strafes the ground with fire.

Unit Upgrades

Each unit in the game can be upgraded. Click on your technology center to begin each upgrade. You'll upgrade each unit through several levels till it reaches the maximum upgrade. Start with upgrades to infantry units and then move onto your mechanized or aircraft once you've researched them.

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