WestWars Guide: A Guidebook on How to Get Started

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Become a cowboy on a remote farm and join the West Wars. As you complete jobs and win duels against your friends (and other bandits) you become an outlaw yourself and form a gang to haunt your environs.

WestWars is the first Facebook Game published by InnoGames GmbH, known for games such as Tribal Wars, The West and Grepolis. For those of you who need an introduction, I decided to write a small guidebook on how to get started and what it's all about.

WestWars - A Guidebook

From Official Site

In the following, I will describe the different parts of the game and explain the basic functions - everything you need to survive your first days in the WestWars.

Getting started - the most important numbers and bar charts
The first thing you will notice when entering the WestWars are the numbers an bar charts on top of the game window - they contain the most important imformation you will need:

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Next to the WestWars logo you will find your current position within the US, which is at the beginnig the East Coast, a more civilized area of the States.

Further on the right, there is the amount of gold you have on your account and next to that the amount of money/dollars in your pocket.

Beneath these numbers, you will notice three coloured graphs containing numbers:

The green one shows your how many energy points you have and the maximum of energy points you can have.

The red bar displays your current amount of duel engery points remaining and the maximum of these points. The counters next to each of these graphs show the remaining time until one more (duel) energy point is regenerated.

And, last but not least, the blue graph gives you the number of experience points you need to level up - as well as displaying your advancement towards the next level. The number on the left shows your current level. On the right, you can see a button called "ranking", where you can see how good you are in comparison to the other players.

Underneath these bars, you can see different tabs I will explain now, along with their functions.

Gaining experience - first approach: Working
Considering what you know about the graphs and the ranking now, you can easily see that it's all about leveling up and being better than the other player - and you are right. The more experience you get, the better you are. But how can you gain experience?

Basically, there are two ways.

The first one is simple - you have to work.
If you click on "Jobs" on the menu-bar, you will see something like the following screen:

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You may not be able to see all the jobs yet because most of them require a certain level.

It is easy to see that these are the jobs you can work on. On the top of the job-screen, underneath the menu, you can see different locations - "Farm", "Town", "Rafting", "Plantation" and "Sheriff". At the beginning, you can only work on the farm, but the other locations will be unlocked when you meet the corresponding requirements.

Let's take the "Muck Out Stables"-Job to explain the jobs to you:
On the left, underneath the title of the job (and next to the corresponding image) you can see a [b]bar with a percentage on it - in my case, it says 100%, if you are a beginner, it will say 0%. This bar shows your progress concerning the job. Every time you do this job, the bar will fill up a bit more, if you reach 100% you will get a free skill point.



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