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As you play Zombie Lane you will always have goals to achieve. These goals are always found along the left side of the game screen. Click on an icon at any time to read a goal. Read through all the goals before you click on anything in the game so that you can use your energy wisely.

As you complete these goals you will earn coin, XP, and food bonuses that can be shared with your neighbors via live feed message if you choose.

Completing goals will move you through the levels much faster than just random playing will.

Keep in mind that while you are completing these goals your main objective is to complete the five major goals listed along the top of the game screen. (See “Major Goals” below.)

Major Goals

Along the top of the game screen you will see five major game goals listed.

Once you complete a major goal a green check mark will appear next to it.

The first couple of goals will be completed before you reach level ten and the others will take all the levels of the game to complete.

The major game goals in order of completion are:

  • 1. Kill six zombies
  • 2. Rebuild your home.
  • 3. Rescue your Spouse
  • 4. Locate your Dog.
  • 5. Rebuild your yard.

Progress - As you play you will occasionally see an animated progress screen that will notify you as to how close you are to completing the major goal.

Survival Tips

Another long term game goal includes the game survival tips area.

Tap on the inventory icon (backpack) and then tap on “Survival Tips” tab. Here you will see which tips you have unlocked and can refer to them at any time.

In the goal area at the top left of screen you will occasionally see a snap shot icon with a number. Click on this right away to unlock it.

There are currently twenty five game tips that you are to collect and this will most likely increase with game upgrades.

These tips give you valuable insights into the game and allow you to level up faster.

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