Zombie Lane Guide: Combo Bonus

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The Combo Bonus is an extra-reward for users that click on the 'drops' before they're picked up. If you click enough of them you'll move onto the next level combo and get free coins as a reward! The combo levels are:

  1. Requires 9 Drops to be Clicked; 5 Coins Reward
  2. Requires 20 Drops to be Clicked; 10 Coins Reward
  3. Requires 30 Drops to be Clicked; 15 Coins Reward
  4. Requires 40 Drops to be Clicked; 20 Coins Reward
  5. Requires 50 Drops to be Clicked; 25 Coins Reward
  6. Requires 60 Drops to be Clicked; 30 Coins Reward
  7. Requires 70 Drops to be Clicked; 35 Coins Reward
  8. Requires 80 Drops to be Clicked; 40 Coins Reward
  9. Requires 90 Drops to be Clicked; 45 Coins Reward
  10. Requires 100 Drops to be Clicked; 50 Coins Reward

Once you reach Level 10 you'll be sent back to level 1 to go up again and again!

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Zombie Lane


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Genre: Social Games
Status: Open Beta
Time Units: Realtime
Theme: Entertainment
Graphic: 2D
Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free
Developer:Digital Chocolate, Inc.



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