Zombie Lane Guide: Energy, Coins and Bricks

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Food and Energy

You can purchase energy packs with food and you can acquire food by performing farming tasks. Energy allows characters to perform various actions throughout the game. Depleted energy re-fills automatically over time, when a character levels up, or by purchasing energy packs from the shop. Progressing through levels gives characters a higher energy threshold.


The main currency in the game to buy most shop items. You can earn more coins by;

  • Killing Zombies
  • Daily Bonus
  • Visiting Neighbours
  • Clearing Rubble/Repairing Fences
  • Completing Quests/Achievements Exchanging

If you have Facebook Credits you can buy the ATM decoration that gives you 1000 coins every 24 hours!


Bricks enable the creation of new buildings and are acquired by clearing broken pavement and rubble

Facebook Credits

Using Facebook credits is the primary way to hurry through certain parts of the game and early un-lock special weapons, decorations and character accessories and clothing. These can only obtained by purchasing them with real money.

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