Zombie Lane Guide: Farming/Trees/Food

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1. Food is needed to purchase energy and you can acquire food by harvesting your neighbor’s crops and growing your own crops.

2. You will need to complete the "Help Frank the Farmer" goal by defeating your first Riot Zombie or Boss Zombie (Super Strong zombie) with a crafted weapon.

3. Now your farm menu is unlocked and you will be given a goal to grow strawberries, which only take five minutes to mature.

4. Click on "Market" in the lower right corner menu then on "Farming." Next, click on the crop you want and you will be charged per plot you place on your land.

5. Once you click on the price button a grid will appear when you place your cursor over the land.

6. Click on a square to place the plot. Unlike other farming games the plot will disappear when you harvest the crop.Crops vary in harvest time ranging from five minutes to a maximum of 24 hours. More crops will likely be added to the game in the future.

Zombie Lane

1. Withered crops - You have the same amount of time to harvest the crop as it took for it to mature. For example, if a crop takes five minutes to mature, then you have five minutes to harvest it or it will wither and you will have to use energy to clear it away.

Zombie Lane

2. Reviving withered crops - You can ask your neighbors to help you revive your withered crops with a live feed message. They will earn one food point for each crop they revive in addition to coins and XP.

3. Trees - Trees will earn you small quantity of coins and food but they cannot be destroyed by the zombies. they never wither and once you plant a tree you can harvest it unlimited times.

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