Zombie Lane Guide: Zombies/How to Destroy Zombies

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There are currently nine different "normal" zombies in the game. Each Zombie has a different level of strength from weak to super strong and takes a different number of hits or shots to destroy. Once a zombie is destroyed XP, coins, and a collectible item will be left behind for you to click on and add to your grand totals.

Destroying a zombie - To destroy a zombie simply click on it. You will see a health meter under it and this will tell you how many shots or hits (clicks) will be needed. Your current weapon is shown at the bottom left of the screen. (See "Weapons.") Once you give the correct number of hits the zombie will vaporize away and coins, XP stars, and collectible items based on the type of zombie will be left on the ground for you to collect. Click on these items right away.

Combos - If you do the same action more than twice you will earn a combination bonus. These coins will be released on the screen after you have collected all initial rewards.
Each zombie leaves one of five potential collectible items behind. Once you complete a collection you can trade it in for a reward. (See "Collections.")

Listed below are the zombies from weakest to strongest and the items they will release when you destroy them.

Zombie Lane

  • SuperMart zombie - releases candy, rope, toilet paper, toy gun, and motor oil.
  • Salesman zombie - releases bowling ball, tennis ball, football, boxing gloves, and baseball bat.
  • Janitor zombie - releases metal string, alarm clock, mop, lunch box, and rubber gloves.
  • Gas station zombie - releases gas can, propane tank, lighter, car battery, and a hose.
  • Waitress zombie - releases liquor bottle, diet soda, dry ice, dinner knife, and salt shaker.
  • Plumber zombie - releases suspenders, spray bottle, metal pipes, plunger, and rubber duck.
  • Gardener zombie - releases red peppers, rake, potatoes, garden trimmers, and fertilizer.
  • Firefighter zombie - releases fire extinguisher, flashlight, matches, boot, and metal bucket.
  • Construction Worker zombie - releases helmet, nails, tape measure, paint brush, and traffic cone.

Each zombie has a different strength assigned to it and therefore takes different number of hits to be destroyed.

  • Weak zombies (SuperMart, Salesman, and Janitor) - One hit or shot to destroy.
  • Normal zombies (Plumber, Gas Station, and Waitress) - Requires two shots or hits to destroy.
  • Strong zombies - (Gardener, Construction Worker, and Firefighter) - Requires four shots or hits to destroy.
  • Super Strong zombies - Require varying amounts of hits using only crafted weapons.

Alerted Zombies

Zombie Lane

If your character gets too close to a zombie the zombie will go into alert mode. You will see the area surrounding your character and the zombie highlight in red as shown in image above and there will be an "!" sign above the zombie’s head.

When a zombie is in alert mode it will begin to follow you and if it touches you your character is unable to move, which means you can not shoot or strike out at them. If they get too close they will stun you. (You will hear your character say, "Ouch.") When this happens you will be unable to move for a few seconds allowing other zombies to become alerted.

If you see a zombie alert immediately walk away from them. You are faster than all of the zombies when you walk so as long as no one stuns you, you should be able to get away easily.

 Once you put some distance between your character and the zombie the zombie will eventually lose interest and the alert will go away.

Zombie Hordes

Zombie Lane

At times you will be notified of a large zombie horde coming your way. This is a large group of zombies that will be coming at you all at once. You will be given a specific amount of time to kill the zombies in the horde. Usually you will be challenged to kill 50 zombies in 10 hours but this will vary based on your level.

You can send out a live feed request to have your neighbors kill zombies for you and these will count toward your grand total.

If you kill all of the zombies before time is up you will earn a large XP and coin bonus that you can share with your neighbors via live feed at Facebook.

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