Zombie Lane Neighbors Guide

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Visiting Neighbors

1. Once every 24 hours you can visit your neighbors for coins, food and XP bonuses.

2. Your first visit will earn you one energy point, five coins, and one duct tape to be used for making crafted weapons.

3. The neighbor menu is located along the bottom of the game screen. Place your cursor over the neighbor's
Facebook profile image and it will lift up revealing the words, "Visit" and "Hire." Click on "Visit" and you will be taken to their neighborhood.

Zombie Lane

4. Based on their level you may see zombies that are more advanced than what you have in your neighborhood but you will be able to kill them using more shots if needed. Watch the health meter along the bottom of the zombie when you place your cursor over it.

5. There are five lightning bolts along the center top of the game screen. These represent the five energy points you're given each day.

6. Use these energy points to harvest crops, kill zombies, clear trash, and rubble. Whatever collectible items appear will be awarded to you and your neighbor.

7. Once finished using your energy points you are offered the option to send this neighbor notification that you visited by a post on their profile page and they will be able to collect a coin, food, or XP bonus if they click on the link you have provided.

1. When neighbors visit you - When you log into the game after a neighbor has visited you, you will see their game character on your land with their Facebook profile pic above it. Place your cursor over this picture and it will expand. Choose "Accept" and you will see their character walk all over your land doing the actions they chose to do for you and releasing the collectibles for you to click on. Once the five actions are completed their character will just disappear and they can visit you again after 24 hours passes.

2. Neighbors will earn you food, coin, and XP bonuses from the live feeds. They can also send you free energy gifts daily, and canhelp you collect items you need to build weapons and buildings.

Hiring Neighbors to Help You

1. Each day you can hire up to 5 neighbors to help you destroy zombie, fix fences or do any thing at no energy cost to you.

2. It will cost you 200 coins each time you hire a neighbor.

3. Click on their image at the bottom of the neighbor menu until you see it move and the words "Visit" and "Hire" are exposed.

Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane

4. Click on "Hire" and then accept the cost. Next click on the zombie you wish for the neighbor to help you with.

5. Once destroyed you can send your neighbor notification that they were hired by you along with an XP or coin bonus via the live feed.

6. This is a great option if you are out of energy and have enough cash to spare.

Note- The hired neighbor will clear/kill without relating on how many actions are needed to finish that clear/kill.

Tip-Hiring neighbors to help you also counts toward an achievement award in the game.

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