Zombie Lane Guide and Tips: Weapons, Collections and Energy

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This Guide will provide you with detailed images,tips,tricks about Zombie Lane's Weapons, Collections and Energy.


When you begin the game you are given a shovel as your default weapon. This is not a very strong weapon but will destroy the weak zombies such as the SuperMart, Salesman, and Janitor zombies with one hit.

Zombie Lane

Simply click on a zombie to attack it and when your cursor is on the zombie note the meter at the feet of the zombie. This meter will tell you how much energy your zombie has and how many hits (clicks) will be needed to destroy it.

As you level up you will be able to unlock more powerful weapons and it will take less shots or hits to kill a zombie.

At the bottom left corner of the game screen you will see your character holding a weapon. Click on the "switch weapons" button to switch weapons and it will scroll through all of the weapons you have unlocked.

At the bottom of the character you will see how much ammo you have for that weapon.


Each zombie releases five different random items when destroyed. (See "Zombies" above for items each zombie releases.)

Once you collect all five items in a collection you will be notified and can trade the collection in for a reward.

Zombie Lane

Click on "Trade" and if you look under the description you will see what reward will be offered.

Common rewards are up to 5,000 coins, and up to 80 XP for each collection traded.

There is no limit to the number of times you can trade in collections.
Tip - If you are trying to collect items for a crafted weapon be careful that you do not trade in a collection that has one of those needed items in it. You will be pulling from your inventory each time you trade in a collection.


Energy must be used for each action you perform in the game. There is an energy meter at the top center of the game screen and you are given a full energy meter when you begin the game.

Each time an action is performed such as swinging or shooting a weapon, harvesting a crop, clearing debris, and more you will expend one energy point.

Keep an eye on the energy meter so you an make the best choices when you run low.

How to get more energy - Purchase it, request it as a gift from your neighbors, exchange food for it, or wait for it to regenerate over time.

Energy is earned back at a rate of one energy point every five minutes.

Energy can be purchased in the market with currency and it can be purchased with food. Food items can be gifted to you from your neighbors and stored in your inventory until you need to use them. You can purchase more energy at the rate of twenty food for three energy points.

Growing and harvesting crops is a great way to increase your food totals and exchange them for energy.

Note that crops can be destroyed by zombies so be sure you have a good fence around your crops. When you can afford it place trees on your land as they will produce food for you at least every 30 minutes and zombies can not destroy trees.

Each time you visit a neighbor you will be given one energy point once every 24 hours. Having a large number of neighbors is helpful when you run low on energy.

You can also ask your neighbors to send you energy via live feed message on Facebook when prompted.

The final way to get more energy is to purchase it with your Facebook credits.

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