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Your goal in Zoo-Opolis is to collect a wide variety of creatures, raise their levels, raise your zoo rating, and create a fun and exciting zoo. An easy way to raise your species count early on is by trading with friends. Since everyone can only choose one of three starter creatures, it’s likely that you already have something your friends don’t! So breed your starters early and you’ll have something to trade with your friends and give your zoo rating an early boost! In general, it is good to breed as much as possible. It doesn’t cost anything to initiate a breeding project, but you can sell or trade the creature for coins or a valuable creature.


Another way to help yourself is to check back often. Your bank can only hold so many coins, so checking in on your zoo regularly ensures you make as much profit as possible. Raising your zoo rating will make your bank fill up faster.

How do I get more coins?

Money is obtained a few different ways. Breeding creatures and selling them for money, collecting level-up bonuses, and cashing out from your zoo revenue. You can also purchase additional coins via Facebook.

How do I get more diamonds?

You will start with ten diamonds. After that, you will get one more diamond each time you level up. The main way to get diamonds though, is by purchasing them via Facebook.

How do I get experience?

Experience is gained from buying anything except enclosures, terrains, and avatar items. It is also gained from feeding creatures, and when you either collect or sell a newborn creature.

How do I feed creatures?

Feeding creatures if free, and can be done through feed mode or via the creature cards. Feed mode is entered through the toolbox menu. Creatures that are hungry will have a red outline, creatures that are full will be outlined in green. The bar over the creature will indicate how long until its hunger points reach zero. This means they are no longer getting happiness from food, and for most creatures that puts them in an unhappy state. Because creatures gain more experience when they are happy, it’s best to avoid waiting until the hunger bar reaches zero.
You can also feed creatures via their cards- both in page view and the individual cards. When the feed icon is lit up, the creature is hungry. Greyed out means it is full.

How do I give items to my creatures?

You can give items either via creature cards or the inventory. While in the card viewer, either page view or individual cards, clicking the “Give” icon will bring up the inventory screen, showing only items compatible with that creature. Likewise, clicking “Give” on the item from the inventory screen will bring up the card viewer showing only creatures which like that item. Thus, it is impossible to give an item to a creature that isn’t interested in it. Additionally, you cannot give items to creatures after their item happiness is full. This ensures that your items will never be wasted!

How do I breed creatures?

To breed creatures, you must have male and female in the same enclosure. They cannot be unhappy, and they must have a certain amount of space. To see if their enclosure is big enough, look at the back of the creature card. The bar for enclosure size must be in the green for creatures to breed.

How do I level up my creatures?

Creatures gain experience through feeding. The happier they are, the more experience they gain with each feeding and the faster they’ll level up.

How does zoo rating work?

Zoo rating is based on three factors. The first is species count- the more species you have, the better. The second is the average level of your creatures. Having more higher level creatures will raise your rating. The third is the happiness. This is based on the minimum happiness in your zoo.


What determines a creature’s happiness?

There are five factors that determine a creatures happiness- hunger, enclosure size, social, enclosure items, and giftable items.


Feeding your creatures whenever you check on your zoo will ensure that their hunger points stay high.

Enclosure size

This refers to how much space a creature needs to be happy. This can be checked on the back of the creature’s card. It is determined by how many tiles the enclosure takes up and how many creatures are in that enclosure. Adding a third creature to an enclosure big enough for two can decrease the happiness of all three creatures, unless you expand the enclosure.


How many creatures are in the enclosure. Some creatures need companionship or groups to be happy. Others get upset if they have to share an enclosure with too many creatures, no matter how big said enclosure is. This stat can also be checked on the back of a creature’s card.

Enclosure items

These can be found on the Enc. Items tab of the store. They are enrichment items that creatures enjoy using, such as housing and toys. Enclosure items will raise the happiness of all creatures in that enclosure (provided it is compatible with that species), but placing more than one of the same type of enclosure item will have no additional effect.

Giftable items

These are consumable items that you can gift to individual creatures. Creatures can receive a limited amount of happiness from these items, and that amount varies depending on the species. Each day, their happiness from gift items will go down. Getting them to maximum happiness points from giftables will usually take multiple items. After that, their points will slowly decrease each day. To keep them maxed out, it will be necessary to give them another item each day.


Most creatures do not require you to max all of these numbers. Generally, it is good to keep the creature well-fed at least, as feeding gives both you and the creature experience. If a creature is unhappy, their card will tell you what they are lacking, and checking the back of the card will give you more details.



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