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InZoo World 2 you can collect animals from all over the world and build a world-class zoo and home for endangered species! As the head of your own zoo, you will breed and nurture baby animals and help them grow into happy adults. Of course, babies will draw crowds to your zoo, so make sure you build enough animal exhibits, food stands, and shops to delight your guests! As you complete quests and save endangered species, you will unlock all kinds of exotic animals and will learn fun facts about them, too.

Decorate and customize your zoo any way you choose. Whether you prefer a lush, wild jungle with orangutans and tigers or a natural African savannah with lions, elephants, and giraffes, Zoo World 2 lets you easily customize animal cages, paths, and terrain to create a unique environment. Through the game’s engaging social features, you can show off your zoo to other zookeepers, tour your friends’ zoos, and even babysit their animals while they are away.

Overall of Island Look:

Zoo World 2

If you look closely the navigation in island say Zoo World 2 have Energy, Experience Points, Levels and Popcorn(Feed Treat i guess).

What we missing here (Wildlife Points). Nothing to worry about most of the animals can be purchased through Zoo Cash and seems Facebook Credits will play the role of Wildlife Points.

The Zoo World 2 Shop:

Zoo World 2

Every image tells us something new, What Zoo World 2 Shop screaming is yes island expansion is available so there is another island you should be concentrating on.

Animal Dairy:

Zoo World 2

As we talked earlier about the Panda Dairy, this one shows Breed Achievement’s and so on.

Stork Bird : Breeding Activity

Zoo World 2

In Zoo World 2, you’ll have a friendly stork! who will drop off new baby to your zoo when breeding process is completed.

In-Detail Animal Preview:

Zoo World 2



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