Zoo Paradise: Start Your Animal Wonderland

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Zoo Paradise

Start an animal wonderland with penguins, polar bears, monkeys and more! Upgrade your habitats to attract more visitors. Keep them happy so that they'll spend more money in your Zoo Paradise!

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The game is actually simple enough that there is no real tutorial, merely a giant purple arrow above the "Shop" icon. From here players can purchase animals, habitats, concessions, and decorations for a very reasonable price. However, based on the player level, only a limited number of these (save decorations) can be purchased at any given time.

As for the level itself, it seems that most of the experience needed to increase it is done by buying and placing new items. Periodically, players must also feed their animals and even water certain decorations such as a handful of trees. Also, all habitats and concessions seem to be upgradeable.

Zoo Paradise Screenshots
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Thankfully, the lack of new income from the in-game currency (Zoo Coins) wasn't too terribly hindering, as the game's decoration's panel in the shop has a fairly sizable collection of plants, bushes, rocks, and so on, that only cost anywhere from two to 15 coins, making it easy for the player to get started aesthetically.

This is a good thing too, as the game actually looks very nice. Everything has a sort of overly cute and saturated look to it (complete with great big watery eyes for the animals). All the habitats are animated as well as the animals who move about in a fairly believable fashion, for a Flash game anyway).

Zoo Paradise Screenshots
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Of course, all this movement also corresponds to the zoo visitors as well, and while their wandering presence makes the game feel like a bustling park, their pathfinding AI isn't exactly refined yet. These guys constantly walk out into the middle of nowhere, including through decorations, and at one point, every single one got stuck in the entrance and couldn't enter. As a side note, multiple animals in a habitat seem to get stuck, too. Again, all are just beta bugs, but something to be aware of nonetheless.

Zoo Paradise Screenshots
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