Zoo World Strategy

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Zoo World

Zoo World is an incredible game where you collect the most exotic animals and grow your zoo into a bustling attraction!

Here is a Zoo World Strategy. Check below.

Zoo World Strategy

By Kevin Eklund from

Increase Zoo World animals - Buy as many animals as you can in the Zoo World game. The more animals you have, the more visitors you will get and the more Zoo World money you will earn.

Breed animals - Breeding Zoo World animals that are rare or ultra rare will increase your zoo value. You should only do this if you are able to provide the intense care and attention newborn animals need. Before you can start breeding animals, you’ll need to buy at least two of the same type of animals

Maintain a high report card score - Try to keep your overall report card sky high. A high score will also bring in more visitors which means more Zoo World cash.

Visit Zoo World friends frequently - Visiting your friends daily allows you to earn more Zoo World dollars for your zoo.

Get daily hidden treasures - Look for the hidden treasures every time one is available to earn more Zoo World money.

Give to Zoo World friends - Send your friends gifts to help them build up their zoo and they’ll be more inclined to return the favor.

Don't be a blabber mouth - When you're playing Zoo World you'll frequently be prompted to share accomplishments. When the pop up window appears you should hit the skip button to cancel such postings to your profile unless these achievements are milestones. Posting too much to your profile is offensive to your Facebook friends and can lead to them hiding all the content you share or unfriending you. To disable all profile postings for Facebook games, check out our Facebook Guide. It contains step-by-step instructions to not only alter the settings for Facebook apps but it also includes quick Facebook tips and tricks to adjusting your profile’s privacy settings and why you may want to do that.

Trade in Internet Explorer – The most popular web browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, it can be quite a resource hog and it can result in slow page loads or a complete freezing of your game at times. If you're having problems with this, try downloading a lighter and quicker browser like Opera or Google Chrome.

Submit Zoo World friend requests the right way - When you submit a request for someone to join you in Zoo World, make sure you include a short message as to what the Facebook friend add is for. Placing the words "Zoo World add" or "Zoo World" into your message box with the invite will inform the recipient of the reason for the Facebook friend add and allow them to allocate your friendship to the proper Facebook friend list (i.e. Zoo World friends).

Join Zoo World groups and fan pages - Increasing your Zoo World friends is an important part of the game. For example, the number of Zoo World friends dictates what items/animals are available to you and how much zoo cash you can make. You don't want to just start requesting friendships with people you don't know whom may or may not play Zoo World as it will cause lots of problems for you. An easy way to find people that are looking to increase their Zoo World friends is to visit and join the many Zoo World fan pages and groups. People that are posting on these pages/groups are looking for Facebook friends and they’ll be more likely to accept your Facebook friend request.


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