Zoo World: Grow Your Zoo into a Bustling Attraction!

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Zoo World

Zoo World is an incredible game where you collect the most exotic animals and grow your zoo into a bustling attraction!

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Starting with a small sum of cash, players are tasked with making their zoo worth more by adding new animals, concession stands, bathrooms, staff, and so on. Actually, one's zoo is measured by a number of statistics, but is generally categorized into the total value of the zoo (based on the animals, tricks they know, and overall assets owned) and the quality grade of A - F (this consists of cleanliness, happiness of workers, parking, animals, etc.). The higher these are the better the player is doing, and the more money they earn.

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Unfortunately, money seems to come extraordinarily slow if you don't leave the game running in the background. Only $1 comes in at a time, and some of the starting stuff you need is incoherently expensive… especially when compared to other purchasable items. For example, how does a bathroom cost $4000 while a friggin' tiger costs $450?! That's about as cruel as charging $50 a use for a washroom at Octoberfest.

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Another complaint is that players don't seem to be able to actually control where their purchased animals and attractions go. The game just places it automatically, wherever there is space. Granted, there isn't that much to decorate with, but it would be nice to have that choice, just to have a little more control.

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