Zynga Slingo Guide: How to Play

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Zynga Slingo

Here's a quick look at how to play Zynga Slingo! We'll start with a quick overview before we go into detail about the different elements of the game.

How to Play Slingo

In Slingo, the ultimate goal is to clear all numbers on a card using the numbers that you spin on the reels, within 20 spins. The basic steps are:

  • Hit the Spin Button, which costs you one Purple Ball.
  • Once the reels stop spinning, find the matches in the columns above each number.
  • Find the numbers as fast as possible for a better Time Bonus to add to your score.
  • Every time you fill the stack of coins on the left your multiplier goes up, giving you more points.
  • Green number tiles form a pattern; when it's filled in you will earn a medal.
  • Utilize powerups to raise your score. Earn powerups in various ways, or buy them in the shop.
  • After all Purple Balls are used, the Final Countdown begins.
  • If you don't have any extra balls, you can spend coins or part of your score to purchase Red Balls.
  • When you finish with a stage, click Bank to end the game with your current score.

What is the difference between Purple Balls and Red Balls?

Purple Balls are balls that you get to spin with for free. You can buy extra Purple balls in the Final Countdown, or as a power-up. They cost 1000 Coins each, if you buy them in the Shop or in the Final Countdown.

Red Balls are balls are used during the Final Countdown. You can opt to use Red Balls in exchange for points. The amount of points that you spend goes up with each use, but sometimes it can pay off BIG!

What is a Slingo?

When you complete a row or column of tiles, you get a Slingo! Just like Bingo, you can win a Slingo horizontally as well. Make sure to aim for Double and Triple Slingos too!

Flipping The Coin

While you spin the reels a Coin Toss can randomly appear, forcing you to bet your points on the Cherub or the Devil. You can choose to bet #%, #%, or #% of your total score.

  • If you get the Devil side, you lose that percentage of your points
  • If you get the Cherub, you'll get that percentage added to your score!

Devil Protection

If you lose a Coin Toss, the Devil will steal the points that you have bet. Using the Devil Protection powerup cancels the coin toss altogether, meaning you can neither win nor lose.

The Final Countdown!

After all of your free Purple Balls are used, the Final Countdown begins and the stakes are increased significantly. You can choose another Purple ball, or begin using the Red Balls, both at a price.

  • If you want to use another Purple Ball, you must buy one for 1000 coins each. If you had extra balls before entering the stage, you will use those before purchasing more
  • If you want to bet a percentage of your points to use a Red Ball, you may. With each Red ball you use, the percentage of points that you bet will go up by 5%. Roll over the red ball to see the current percentage that the ball will cost.
  • You do not need to complete a card to finish, you can click Bank and end the game at any time during the Final Countdown. Though you should remember, each stage awards you with a medal when you clear the card completely.

The Shop

Located at the top right corner of the game, you can use the Shop to purchase energy refills, temporary unlimited play tickets, and Power Ups.

Power Ups

Using power-ups will help to improve various aspects of the game. When you activate a power-up you get 5 uses of that particular ability.

  • Shamrock: Increases the probability that a Joker will come up on the reels.
  • Devil Protection: Prevents the Devil from Stealing your points during a Coin Toss.
  • Slingo Vision: Highlights the tiles that can be matched for each Spin. Using this powerup will gain you points because your clicking of matches will be far faster.
  • Power-up Vision: Shows the rewards and Power-ups hidden underneath the grid.
  • Taunt: Greatly increases the chance of a Coin Toss showing up in the reels.
  • Extra Ball: It gives you an extra ball.

What is a World?

Worlds are more than just new background art, each world is a collection of stages.

What is a Stage?

Each stage has different goals and achievements, as well as different tile patterns. You should always try to complete the pattern in each stage, because 1 of 5 trophies in a stage is awarded upon completion.

Elements of the Game

  • A Joker is a wild card. When it comes up, you can choose any of the tiles in that column above it.
  • A Friend Joker is a Joker that will display the picture of the friend. The Friend Joker is a random occurrence, not controlled by your friend. After using it, you can send that friend a gift.
  • A Super Joker allows you to choose any single tile on the board.

  • You must earn 5 Medals to complete a Stage. The medals are awarded when you achieve the goals of the Stage.
  • Each Stage has different goals. Some goals are simple to get, such as a point total. Others will pose a larger challenge, such as completing the pattern or Filling out the entire Card.
  • You can see the amount of medals left in a stage before you enter it.

Compete with your friends to get to the top of the leaderboard. See ranking by score, total medals, and more coming soon! From the leaderboard, you can also send energy to your friends.

Basic Strategy

  • Use power-ups! Whether you want to increase your chances of getting a Joker by using a Shamrock, or avoid losing money by using a Coin Toss Zapper, power-ups are the key to making your score even better!
  • Know when a card is not a winning card. If you don't have a high percentage of the tiles filled with your Purple Balls, you should consider hitting the home button before the Final Countdown. It may not pay off!
  • Be Social! You want your friends to send you Energy and free balls, so send them gifts frequently.
  • Aim for Slingos! The filling of rows and columns will pay off more than completing the pattern.



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