Zynga Slingo Energy and Score Cheats

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Zynga Slingo

Slingo High Score Cheat

This trick needs Cheat Engine (Get the App Here).

  1. Start a Slingo match and proceed to take your first spin.
  2. When your numbers come up select them on the card and scan your current score on default settings of 4 Bytes.
  3. You'll get a few thousand results, so have some patience and spin once again.
  4. Clear your numbers once more on the card and add your new score in Cheat Engine and press NEXT SCAN.
  5. By now you should have 3 entries, bring all three down and edit them to about 10,000,000 -- perfect amount for completing the entire card.
  6. By all means you can go higher, but don't try anything retarded like 1 BILLION, but hey, that's up to you.

Slingo Energy Speed Cheat

This trick needs Cheat Engine (Get the App Here).

  1. Once you initially run out of energy open up Cheat Engine.
  2. Set the process to 'plugin-container.exe' and click OK.
  3. Enable speed hack, place the setting to the max 500, and it'll replenish.
  4. Once replenished return the speed to default, and spend the energy.
  5. Nice huh? Doesn't go OOS for me, how about you?




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