Zynga FAQ: Frequently Asked Purchasing Questions

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Below are some frequently asked purchasing questions to Zynga.

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Q. What is Zynga? Why are they charging me?

Zynga is the #1 social gaming company on the web. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to casual online games!

If an un-authorized charge from Zynga appears on your credit card, please submit a request to there billing team if you "click here". Provide your full name as it appears on your credit card, the amount, and date of transaction.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to provide your credit card number!

NOTE: Please allow 10 to 14 days for refunds of un-authorized charges to be processed.

Q. I've purchased points on my Zynga game, but never received it on my account.

You may be experiencing a delay depending on the time of purchasing game currency within your favorite Zynga game. If you purchase at peak times when many users are logged on, the granting of points may take up to 4 hours for you to see it credited on your account. If you still do not have the points after waiting the 4 hours allowed, please feel free to contact its hotline at 1-800-762-2530 at any time and a service representative will be ready to assist you.

Q. What are the forms of payment methods available when purchasing virtual goods?

They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal when purchasing with Facebook Credits  directly through, and

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Q. When will my credit card show a charged?

When completing a purchase the authorization of your transaction usually takes 3 business days to finally settle with your financial institution. When making the actual purchase it may take 3-5 business days to reflect the actual charge on your bank statement. As shown below indicates the purchase was made using Facebook credits to buy in-game currency on 12/09/2011, however the charge did not show up on the bank statement until 12/13/2011.

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Q. Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax may be charged depending on the geographic location of an Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

For more information on taxes please "click here"

Q. What are the names of virtual currency for each game?

Adventure World = Adventure Cash                    FarmVille = Farm Cash / Coins
CityVille = City Cash / Coins                        CastleVille = Crowns / Coins
Zynga Poker = Chips / Gold                           Mafia Wars = Reward Points
YoVille = Yo Cash / Coins                             Empires & Allies = Empire Points

FishVille = Sand Dollars / Coins                      Words With Friends = Tokens
PetVille = Pet Cash / Coins                           Vampire Wars = Favor Points
Mafia Wars 2 = Gold / Cash                            Cafe World = Cafe Cash / Coins
Pioneer Trail = Horseshoes / Coins                    Treasure Isle = Island Cash / Coins

Q. Why am I unable to purchase points on my game?

To protect both users and company from attempts at credit card or payments fraud, thay have implemented screening systems which can lock users out of payments based on a number of criteria.

There are two basic types of purchasing blocks:

Temporary Purchase Blocks (zCode201)
These can be applied to your account if you have had a previous purchase attempt that was declined, or if you have exceeded the number of times that you can make purchases for the day.

These will automatically expire after roughly a 24-hour period. Please note that this period may be longer depending on whether you have exceeded a daily, weekly or monthly purchasing limit.

Permanent Purchase Blocks (zCode202 or zCode203)
Because Zynga does not wish to compromise its systems detection methods, Zynga cannot go into specific detail surrounding why your account has been blocked. It can only tell you that something unusual in your account or account history triggered its system to permanently lock you out. Basically, its system can no longer trust that payments initiated by your account will settle or account activity suggests that your credentials have been compromised. For further assistance on this matter, you may contact its hotline at 1-800-762-2530.

Q. I attempted to make a purchase but my credit card was declined so why is a charge appearing on my statement?

Sometimes banking institutions will put a small hold on your funds when you initiate a transaction as a sort of pre-authorization. These holds will appear when you check your online statement; however, they do not actually result in a charge.

If the transaction you initiated does not go through or is not completed, then the funds that were placed on hold are released. Each bank has its own timeline and policies for releasing these funds; however, it is typically in the vicinity of 7-14 business days.

Please check with your financial institution for their specific policies regarding holds on funds.

Q. Why am I seeing multiple transactions from Zynga when I only made one purchase?

Each purchase should include an authorization, transfer and payment transaction.

The authorization looks like a purchase but it is not, it's basically just a query into your account to make sure your credit card is valid.

The transfer is the actual transaction that is deducting your purchase amount from your credit card.

The payment transaction is your purchase being sent to Zynga.

Q. Why am I charged an extra dollar on my Credit Card?

You may see a $1.00 charge to your credit card the first time you buy items, points or chips from Zynga.

The $1.00 charge is used as a pre-authorization check to verify that charges made to the card will go through, but the money is not actually transferred.

The charge goes into a pending status and you are not charged the extra dollar.

Q. I bought points for game "X" but "Y" is appearing on my credit card statement.

This is the result of an issue Zynga is working to resolve with its credit card processing system in which the charging name gets swapped from time to time. For example, I purchase YoCash; however, when my credit card statement shows up the charge may appear as TEXAS HOLD’EM.

In this situation, both of these are Zynga Games, the payment name just got switched on the back end. It apologizes for the confusion.It is working to resolve this issue.

Contacting Billing Support

If, for any reason your question wasn't answered and you need to contact our Billing Department, please submit a support request to our billing team by clicking on the Email Us tab. Please remember to provide your Social Network User ID and your full name as it appears on your credit card, the amount purchased, and date of transaction.

Zynga's billing support hotline is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays) for billing related issues only. Its hotline can be reached at 1-800-762-2530.

For Technical Issues, please submit a support request if you "click here" as its billing team will not be able to assist with any technical issues.



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