FrontierVille Guide: Complete Guide to FrontierVille Collections

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There is amazing number of 38 collections to be completed and traded in for various rewards in FrontierVille. Here is the complete guide to FrontierVille collections: a list of collections you can complete, the rewards you can get upon completion and where to find the items for each collection.

FrontierVille Guide: Complete Guide to FrontierVille Collections

By FrontierVille Fan Calin

FrontierVille Pine Tree Collection

  • Items required: Spiked Boots, Pine Cone, Pine Needles, Turpentine, Tree Wedge
  • Trade in rewards: 3 planks, 250 coins
  • Where to find the Pine Tree Collection items: cut down pine trees

FrontierVille Cherry Collection

  • Items required: Cherry Cider, Cherry Candy, Cherry Preserves, Cherry Cobbler, Cherry Pie
  • Trade in rewards: 4 Energy
  • Where to find the Cherry Collection items: harvest Cherry trees

FrontierVille Clearing Collection

  • Items required: Arrowhead, Eagle Feather, Pottery, Mushroom, Spanish Coin
  • Trade in rewards: 30 wood, Free shovel
  • Where to find Clearing Collection items: clear tree stumps

FrontierVille Wagon Collection

  • Items required: Brake Lever, Seat, Wagon Wheel, Yoke, Wagon Tongue
  • Trade in Rewards: One Plank, One Fire
  • Where to find Wagon collection items: collect bonus from Wagon

FrontierVille Ox Collection

  • Items required: Branding Iron, Ground Chuck, Steer Horn, Ribeye, Nose Ring
  • Trade in Rewards: Energy Bar +1
  • Where to find Ox Collection: collect from Ox

FrontierVille Cabin Collection

  • Items required: Candlestick, Skillet, Fireplace tool, Stove, Welcome Mat
  • Trade in Rewards: Two clothing, Free Rocking chair
  • Where to find Cabin Collection items: collect bonus from Cabin

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