Empires & Allies Tips: War Room - Survival Mode

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Empires & Allies new feature the War Room - Survival Mode

War Room - Survival Mode

This is a new way of playing the game, which hearkens back to the old arcade game days! Fight against wave after wave of enemies, and try and get the high score!

Build the new Empires & Allies War Room and get ready for the fight of your life! You'll get small rewards for each wave of enemies you defeat, and larger rewards every 5 waves.

Remember: This is a slow roll-out! Please be patient if you don't have the feature yet.

War Room Gamer's Review:

Commander M
This game mode is pretty cool. Too bad you start at the beginning each time you exit and then re-enter, but still pretty cool. Also, the rewards can really help an empire.

Interesting. Gives people who don't want to go BB a chance to get XP and resources. Not really sure how to go about it though.

"Do I start with units I can afford to lose or start with top tier and see how long you last? I really don't think it can afford sufficient rewards to replace (5) $50k units though. I'm currently on Wave 8 with 2 rocket soldiers, 1 heavy artillery and 2 bastille tanks. How fast do the tiers of invaders rise?"

"level 30 I was up against from memory Strike Battleships, Abrahams Tank and Apahce Airship. Obviously I didnt fight all of these at same time, but those were the last few I battled so I would asume level 50 - 60 would be the current top units."

Empires & Allies War Room - Survival Mode Reward Screenshot:

War Room - Survival Mode Reward 

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