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Facebook is fast evolving into more than just a "casual games" place where your friends try to get you to trade them a red flower so they can complete their garden. Want a "real" RPG experience? Try these seven games.

Deep Realms

Developer: Playdom,Inc. Graphics: 2D Genre: Rpg Theme: Adventure
Deep Realms takes the form of a standard JRPG: after strange rat-beings invade your home and your brother leaves to deal with them, you have to chase after him. Complete with loot drops, randomly generated battles, and boss encounters, Deep Realms offers one of the most engaging experiences on Facebook. Between exploring the wilds and fighting, you'll have encounters with people who give you snippets of story. The battle art is a bit disconnected from the way the world looks when you're exploring, but the solid gameplay makes up for it. And PvP battles against other real players only make it better.

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Ninja Saga

Developer: Emagist Entertainment Graphics:2D Genre: RPG Theme: Martial Arts
Ninja Saga is a casual ninja-themed web RPG in Japanese anime style. Experience the thrill and excitement which starts with the mission of an adolescent kid aspiring to learn the ways of the Ninja to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone as a Kage.

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Global Warfare

Developer: BioWare Graphics: 2D Genre: RPG Theme: Warfare
Dragon Age Legends was one of the first games to hit Facebook based on a major console franchise, and it's no surprise that it's one of the best. Telling an alternate story from its console big brothers, Dragon Age Legends lets you select from three classes and pits you in turn-based battles against the Darkspawn. It's one of most complex RPGs on Facebook with numerous skills to learn, a vast variety of weapons and armor, and potion- and bomb-crafting. Like Buddy Rush, you can bring your friends with you in battle, and they get a nice little reward if they survive.

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Monster Galaxy

Developer: Gaia Online Graphics: 2D Genre: RPG Theme: Adventure
Monster Galaxy is the Facebook game for you. As a trainer you battle and capture numerous cute little monsters in a quest to become a Ranger. As they level up, your monsters learn new skills that affect both attack and defense. The battle system's based on a rock-paper-scissors set-up using the Zodiac; monsters of different signs are stronger or weaker than monsters of other signs. The battles themselves are turn-based, and once you've reduced your foe to a low enough health level, you can attempt to capture them. The art style is Japanese and cutesy, which fits well with the tone and story. Like Pokemon, you'll find Monster Galaxy to be a guilty pleasure regardless of your age.

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Destiny Stone

Developer: Manic Frog. Graphics: 2D Genre: RPG Theme: Adventure
Join the aspiring jewel magician Penelope Pearl on her quest to save the world of Nassaria from the God of Destruction. Destiny Stone features a deep, engaging story, interesting characters, and classic side scrolling RPG action. Help Penelope improve her jewel magic skills, protect her home, and fulfill her destiny! Explore a beautiful fantasy world in this free anime roleplaying adventure game. Learn magic spells, craft items, make friends and go on romantic dates as you unlock the game's engaging storyline. You could even fall in love!

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