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With the recent launch of Zynga's Empires & Allies, the genre of Facebook strategy games represents a very large market with nearly 80 million monthly active users and 11 million daily active users. According to SocialTimesPro, there are 80 million Facebook gamers that enjoy the cerebral, explosion-packed and "hardcore" action of games like Empires & Allies, Army Attack ...

Empires & Allies

Developer: Zynga Graphics: 2D Genre: Strategy Theme: Entertainment
Empires & Allies is Zynga’s very first strategy game, what is now more popular than Farmville and CityVille and has a million players engaging in turn-based PvP battles.Empires and Allies is clever attempt to attract the social/strategy gaming crowd. Developers have kept several Farmville and CityVille elements intact (coins, energy, city-building etc.) and infused a military-themed strategy game by allowing players to create military troops and using them against opponents to capture resources and expand their empire. Facebook users will have to build houses, industrial buildings, and military structures and gather resources to build more troops. They can then expand their empires and wage a war against other empires.

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Galaxy Online II

Developer: IGG Inc Graphics:2D Genre: Strategy Theme: Space
Galaxy Online II is IGG's newest browser based strategy game. Set in a futuristic time when galaxies have become the new battlegrounds for galactic warlords, players are free to explore their talents and skills in leadership, strategic problem solving, and entreprenuership through this intensely engaging world.

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Global Warfare

Developer: Kabam Graphics: 2D Genre: Strategy Theme: Warfare
Global Warfare is one such great game that tries to bring in the same level of intensity experienced in games like Command and Conquer and Art of War. Set in a futuristic universe, this military-themed strategy game focuses more on rebuilding a desolated city bombed by a dangerous military faction. You will get time to build buildings and strengthen your base and then go out on campaign to conquer...

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Battle Pirates

Developer: Casual Collective Graphics: 2D Genre: Strategy Theme: Pirates
Battle Pirates is a real-time strategy game aimed for the StarCraft-playing crowd. Developed by the creators of Backyard Monsters, this RTS has got the best visuals amongst other online social strategy games on Facebook. The objective is to build a formidable fleet by collecting resources from various industrial buildings and launching an attack against your Facebook neighbors in the sea.

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Army Attack

Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc. Graphics: 2D Genre: Strategy Theme: Warfare
Army Attack is a turn-based military-themed strategy game developed by Digital Chocolate, creator of the popular Millionaire City. Both Army Attack and Zynga’s Empires and Allies were released a couple of weeks ago and one can clearly notice their popularity ranking by the sheer number of casual gamers already hooked into the turn-based strategy model. While Zynga’s first strategy game integrates the famed Farmville model into its gameplay mechanics, the gameplay in Army Attack is similar to Advanced Wars and has a darker theme than its competitor...

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