Those Gayest Characters in Hot Anime

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Those Gayest Characters in Hot Anime

BBGsite Editor:
Nowadays, same-sex theme has become more and more popular all over the world. Not only in Japanese anime, but also in lots of games. Recently, IGN readers have made a survey, which shows seven out of ten gamers are comfortable with same-sex relationships in games. That's why in the hot anime, we can always see male characters are likely to be gays. Meanwhile, heroine has become less important. Unbelievable? Just check below. Today we have selected some gayest characters from several hot anime. After reading it, maybe you'll agree what I said.

Isn't It True Love?

Those True Loves

When they were still in primary school, they gave their first kisses to each other. As time goes by, one of them went away for revenge, and another kept chasing him for so many years. Isn't it true love?

To some lovers, quarrelling is also romantic. And we call them “quarrelsome lovers”. They are in the same boat, fighting for their own dreams. Though they're quarrelling every day, when the danger comes, they can even promise their life to save each other. Isn't it true love?

No one can understand him. It's lonely to stand on top of the world. That's why he keeps killing the other people for creating his own perfect world. Till one day, he met him, his fated rival. Though they were killed by each other at last, who can say it is not true love?

One PieceDeath Note

Those Gayest Anime Characters

The Prince of TennisFuji Syusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu
From: The Prince of Tennis
SLAM DUNKSakuragi Hanamichi & Rukawa Kaede
From: Slam Dunk
Code GeassLelouch & Suzaku Kururugi
From: Code Geass
Hitman RebornHibari Kyouya & Rokudo Mukuro
From: Hitman Reborn
Hunter X HunterGon Freecss & Killua Zaoldyeck
From: Hunter X Hunter
Silver SoulSakata Gintoki & Hijikata Toushirou
From: Silver Soul
Black ButlerSebastian & Ciel
From: Black Butler
Ouran High School Host ClubHikaru& Kaoru
From: Ouran High School Host Club


Which couple do you like best?